A new curve widget for Krita

I’m coding right now on a new curve widget. Here are some screen-shots of the still unfinished work:
freehand curve
cubic curve
linear curve
another cubic curve

There are no icons yet, but enkithan promised to create some, thanks ;). It’s currently not yet possible to extract the curves as data and i still have to port the current krita curve (some kind of function curve made by Dmitry Kazakov) to this new widget and integrate it in Krita.

I was told, that Dmitry has created an extendible api. If i can reuse that, it would be possible to replace all widgets at once, which in turn would mean, that the new curve could appear in Krita 2.3. Unfortunately i broke my ankle last week, while climbing in Croatia, and i have to undergo a surgery next Thursday or Friday, so maybe i won’t be able to code in the next week.

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